Colin + Sarah: A Love Story

April 2013

This is the end of my story: Of course I said yes. I was stoked. We were stoked. I was going to marry him... HIM. It didn't seem real. My heart was FULL.  The most amazing part of this all was that I never told him that I wanted to be proposed to at the Grand Canyon. Ever since I went there with my dad a few years back, that is what I desired. I was racking my memory that whole day trying to remember if I had told Colin at some point. My heart sank as I realized I never told him, but obviously couldn't tell him then. What if he hadn't planned anything...awkward. Can we now talk about how GOOD God is and how he works out the desires of our hearts? I've never felt so loved by another human and God in those moments.

This is the beginning of my story: He invited me to come to Arizona with him to help shoot a wedding- It just happened to be our one year anniversary. He said that we could drive a few hours to the Grand Canyon the next day to celebrate a year of loving one another. Awesome. Im in. He tends to do overly nice things often, so I heavily suppressed the idea of being proposed to...sort of. But... I'm a girl. So, deep down in my heart I was secretly hoping he'd ask me, but I kept my cool. We picked my dad up from the airport in Phoenix that morning. This was an additional surprise. He wanted my dad to be a part of his daughters engagement story, but at the time I just thought that my dad was joining us on our Grand Canyon trip. We drove a few hours and stopped in beautiful Sedona and then Flagstaff where we dropped off my dad at our cabin. He wanted to take a drive to watch the sunset over the Grand Canyon just me and him. It was evening by now and the sun was low in the sky. We were driving in our rented mom-mobile (rental car) with the windows down just talking about life. I was completely at peace in that moment. Life felt really good and rich and full. We got to where we were going an hour later. By this point I was like, this guy has to propose. Is this not the perfect opportunity? But I suppressed those thoughts and shoved them down real deep. I didn't want to ruin a completely great evening by utter disappointment. I was leading the way and then he called me over to look at something. It was a picture of us on a the middle of no where. What?! How did that get there?! Then there were more! These photos on stakes were strung together down a pathway that led to a ledge... The most beautiful view was awaiting us. The sun was soon setting over the Grand Canyon. My eyes were on beauty overload. On the ledge was an area decorated with a blanket with personal things that are meaningful to our relationship. We were about to have a picnic at sunset overlooking the canyon to celebrate one year of being together! Or so I thought (still suppressing those thoughts...STILL) He then washed me feet and prayed for me with a tub of water and lavender soap that just happened to be there. I think it was at this point that he started saying really really nice things...I think I was already tearing up...and this was also when I let all the suppressed thoughts, feelings and emotions come to the surface and I let myself believe he was going to ask me to marry him. My head kind of became foggy and his words became really slow and then I heard "Will you marry me?" 

Below are some photos from our engagement and our time before and after in Arizona :)